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What is ἀλήθεια?

ἀλήθεια (Aletheia) is an Ancient Greek word that means “the state of not being hidden” and has been translated by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger as disclosure or unconcealedness. I chose this word because the purpose of my website will be to disclose or unconceal what has been hidden or concealed from the general public in everyday living.

For example, have you considered the chemicals that might go into your water, food, medicine, clothing, and health care products, their impacts on your health, both physical and mental, or why they were added? If not, why not? In like manner, have you considered the information you consume from various sources, their credibility, and the effect it has on your mental or spiritual health?

Through ἀλήθεια, we bring what was once hidden before us out into the open in order to make a fair assessment of the things or beings that we once unknowingly interacted with and reassess our relations with them. It is my hope that increased awareness will help people make better decisions in their everyday lives.

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