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The 3 P’s

Last updated on January 10, 2023

A thought came to my mind today regarding what people spend most of their time trying to attain in their pursuits of happiness in the form of three P’s: Pleasure, Popularity, and Prosperity. We daily have false idols in the form of celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and more shoved into our faces as the embodiment of these false gods. Social media has only exacerbated the problem with influencers, followers, and likes. Like a thirst that can’t be quenched, the endless pursuit of these 3 P’s inevitably leads to extremism, perversion, and insanity, as seen in the lives of these false idols. Take a deeper look into their lives. Do they really look happy to you? They may smile on camera, but do you think those smiles are authentic? Do you believe they are smiling as much off camera?

Can one really build character by making their life about the pursuit of pleasure, popularity, and prosperity? Or rather, does it lead to degeneration of the soul and conscience? After all, what character or conscience is required to make popular decisions and say popular things? What character or conscience is required in taking up as much wealth for oneself as possible? And what character or conscience is required to make the purpose of life avoidance of pain and suffering in a world full of pain and suffering?

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