Bryan Accra

Rothschild Family

How can anyone claim to “stand up for justice” if they can’t even admit families like the Rothschilds exist, their huge negative impact on non-Jewish society, and how they obtained their immense wealth and power? Rothschilds in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Blackbook: Balfour Declaration: List of Rothschild Estates per their own website: One of their many …

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Society Without Sobriety

sobriety sษ™-brฤซโ€ฒฤญ-tฤ“, sล- noun The state or condition of being sober: synonym: abstinence. The state, habit, or character of being sober. Moderation in general conduct or character; avoidance of excess or extremes. Reasonableness; saneness; soundness: as, sobriety of judgment. Modest or quiet demeanor; composure; sedateness; dignity; gravity; staidness. Synonyms and Abstinence, Temperance, etc. See abstemiousness. …

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