Truth In Detail

Αλήθεια Αναλυτικά (transliterated aletheia analytica) means “Truth in Detail” in Greek. This describes the nature of my work in collecting past data, organizing it, and looking for the truth in detail to derive how the present manifested based on that past, and how the future may manifest based on the present and past.

Fundamental Principles

My work principles are laid out below:

  1. Work is guided by producing value for society, not by absorbing wealth from society.
  2. The best workplaces are communities that interact and build beyond the workplace.
  3. Skills can always be taught; motivation, effort, and care are unique to each individual.

My personal principles are as follows:

  1. Building kinship is the basis of building a productive society based on care.
  2. People and cultures are defined by what they produce, not what they consume.
  3. Money, status, and wealth are but means to ends and not ends in themselves.