Disclosure from Data


As a Utility Manager myself, I got into developing my own databases and dashboards after not being satisfied with the available options. I wanted dashboards that were complex enough to identify any issues occurring anywhere across all utilities, yet simple enough to analyze quickly and take decisive action. With this approach to balance simplicity with complexity, I developed the Holistic Utility Management System (HUMS).


I have experience in both implementing demand-side management utility programs and evaluating those programs, I developed many energy calculators for different applications including but not limited to: lighting, HVAC, energy management systems, compressed air, window film, and spray-mist humidifiers. Having experience on both sides, I understood the need for automating calculations to increase volume while maintaining high accuracy.


I have connected data loggers on many commercial and industrial systems to record interval data and analyze pre- and post-energy consumption for energy efficiency projects. I have also mapped out meters for campuses and managed the installment of interval data meters in places I identified they were required from a utility management and operations standpoint.


Having led ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits and implementing various energy, water, and waste conservation projects, I understand the importance of executing projects in a timely manner to minimize resource waste. After identifying projects, I will identify and apply for any potential incentives or rebates, before proceeding to start. I have covered 70% of a project’s costs with rebates before.


I got my start in the field of sustainability with the University of Michigan’s Plan Operations in 2006. Since then, I have worked with various organizations internationally and independently to minimize energy and water consumption, along with waste generation. At the moment, I am learning how to code to automate more of my data collection processes and use AI to analyze it.

In my free time, I enjoy reading non-fiction, studying history, visiting ancient sites, traveling, building websites, playing tennis and chess, and nourishing the stray cats and dogs in my neighborhood.


Aletheia means disclosure or truth and analytica means details or analytics. The name Aletheia Analytica was inspired from Martin Heidegger’s description of how the world discloses itself. In a similar sense, data and small details disclose a larger picture if viewed properly through the correct lens.

Looking at a chessboard, a Grandmaster and a novice will see completely different possibilities and moves with the same arrangement of pieces. Through my work, I fashion the lenses needed to gain high-level insights into what the data is disclosing so you can make moves like a Grandmaster, and maximize your impact with each move.


While I initially entered this field to minimize pollution, I realized that by minimizing resource consumption, we also minimize the impact of external pressures that are beyond our control like energy, water, and food prices by reducing our reliance on external providers. Ultimately my motive is to make home and business owners more self-reliant through reducing consumption, costs, and pollution, while maintaining or increasing productivity, quality, and standard of living.

As interdependent as society and the world has become at large, I believe self-reliance is the foundation of healthy human development and relations to ensure peoples’ relations are built on a voluntary rather than a forced basis. The more-self-reliant we become, the more we can be deliberate in how we live rather than being forced to accept a status quo that may go against our own interests and beliefs.


Have any questions? I am always open to discussing your business, new projects, creative opportunities, and how I can help you.